Update on Christmas anthology

UPDATE- This anthology is no longer available.  I will be reformatting and re-releasing Facing the Darkness as a single novella late November 2016.

I’ve had several people asking about the Christmas anthology.  For those who don’t know, I’ll be participating with five other urban fantasy authors who are including short stories for the book.  They will range from between 10-20k words each.  You may recognize some of the names as they include Connie Suttle, Mark Henwick, Debra Dunbar, J.C. Mells, and J.T. Bock.  Below is the cover and the summary for my story:

path in the woods in winter“Facing the Darkness”

Kerbasi, a former guardian of Purgatory, has resisted every effort to help him find his humanity.  After forty-five hundred years of tending to his prisoners in the cruelest of ways he feels he’s above the petty concerns of mankind.  But what’s he to do when he’s charged with bringing comfort to a boy sick with cancer during the holiday season?  This is one child who just might break through that impervious wall he’s wrapped around his heart.


RELEASE DATE- December 20th, 2014



The anthology will be free for those who want it.  There’s just one catch.  To receive it you must agree to being added to all participating author’s book release alerts (your email won’t be used in any other way).  If you later find you’re not interested in certain ones you will be able to unsubscribe from future mailings from them.

For those who have already signed up for my book release alerts, I’ll be sending a message out on December 20th letting you know the anthology is available and confirming whether or not you want it after reminding you of the catch.  If you do, you’ll get the ebook file for the anthology right after that.  Whether you’re on my list or not, you are welcome to email me early saying you’d like to get it and that you’re fine with the stipulation.  In that case you’ll get the anthology first thing on the 20th.  Just make sure to let me know what type of ereader you use so I can send you the correct format.


A short Q&A with further details on the story for those who would like to know more about it:

1)  Which POV will the story be told in?


2)  What other familiar characters will be in there?

Melena (of course), Lucas, Emily, Hunter, Cori, and Kariann

3)  Will there be any action?

There is a brief fight scene.  Maybe two, depending on if you’d count it or not (sorry, no hints on that).


Hope everyone in the U.S. had a great Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to sharing this latest installment in the Sensor Series with you!

42 Replies to “Update on Christmas anthology”

  1. I would like a copy and agree to the requirement. I even know some of the other authors and it will be interesting to read those i don’t know yet. I have a kindle.

    Happy 2nd Advent

  2. Good morning
    Hope you are dining well…don’t know what happend but I did not receive the mail on the 20th
    Please can you resend?

  3. I would love to have a copy of this story also. I have a kindle and my email addy is **********.

    I look forward to reading it. I always want to see what’s up with these characters.

  4. I agree to being added to all of the authors’ release alerts. Would it be possible to get a free copy of the anthology still? Thank you. BTW, I love you your books! Can’t wait for the next one.

  5. Would also love to read the anthology if still available and agree to the requirements. I have a kindle. Thank you so much.

  6. I just signed up, can I still get a free copy? If so, I agree to the requirement to receive the free copy of the Ebook Facing the Darkness. I have a kindle.

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