Destined for Shadows ebook release!

I am happy to announce that Destined for Shadows is now available.  This is the first novel in the Dark Destiny Series, which features two of the side characters from the Sensor books.  Cori and Bartol both have dark and disturbing pasts that haunt them, but they are explosive when they’re together.  Follow their journey as they learn to overcome their obstacles and maybe eventually find love (this is a slow burn romance).  I have decided to give them three books, so there’s plenty more to come from them this year.  You can also expect to see many of your favorite characters from the Sensor Series to find out how they’re doing.

Check out all the details below, including the summary and retailer links. Hope you enjoy!


Life is too short—except when it’s not.

Cori might be human, but her problems are wholly supernatural. A man from her past has come to Fairbanks, Alaska seeking revenge, and he’s become something else…something stronger. Staying one step ahead of him is going to be like dancing with death while encircled in flames. She’s got a sexy new neighbor who might be able to help with the problem, but only if he’d come out of his cabin once in a while.

Bartol is a half-angel who just spent one hundred years confined in Purgatory. The experience has left him scarred inside and out with no desire to interact with the outside world. He wants nothing more than peace and solitude—if only his new neighbor Cori would allow it. She is one woman who knows how to get under his skin and make him want more. The trouble? Unlike him, she can die, and it’s going to be soon if he doesn’t break from his isolation and intervene.

Word count: 92,000

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2 thoughts on “Destined for Shadows ebook release!

  1. Hey Susan!

    Just bought the book on kobo! I can’t wait to read it!

    I hope you’re doing well and that life has gotten a little easier for you. Randomly, I wanted to say sorry for my comment on your darkness wanes release page. I realize now in retrospect that it probably came off sounding quite insensitive.

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