Dark Destiny Books

The Dark Destiny books are a spinoff of the Sensor Series with side characters from that world. Cori and Bartol are the couple featured in the first three novels.

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DESTINED FOR SHADOWS (Dark Destiny Series Book 1)

Love can be a dangerous thing…

Cori isn’t the sort of woman to believe in fairy tale romance anymore, but there is something about her neighbor, Bartol, that she can’t resist. Maybe it’s the scars on his face, the way he hides from the world, or it could be the hot angelic blood running through his veins. He’s damaged inside and out, which is something she understands all too well. They’d be a perfect match if Cori weren’t human, and she could learn to trust again, but having a man from her past stalking her only proves she’s destined for a dark fate.

Bartol is a half-angel who has just spent a hundred years in Purgatory. The torture he experienced there left him with no desire to interact with the outside world, especially a tempting neighbor like Cori. She is the only woman who can get under his skin and make him want more than he can handle. But he might not be able to resist much longer because unlike him she can die, and it’s going to be soon if he doesn’t step in to help her.

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Word count- 92,000 (Approximate)


DESTINED FOR DREAMS (Dark Destiny Series Book 2)

This is the second novel in the spin-off series also featuring Cori and Bartol.

*Expected release date- June 2017