Christmas with Dragons is now available!

I’m excited to announce that the fourth installment of the Dragon’s Breath Series, Christmas with Dragons, is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Thanks to everyone for being patient as I worked to get it ready.  Though the novel is a little shorter than the others in the series, and it has a holiday theme, it does progress the story line with Bailey, Aidan, and friends.  This is not a book you want to miss!

Check out all the details below, including the summary and retailer links.  I hope all of my readers have happy holidays and a wonderful New Year!


Dragon slayer Bailey Monzac and her shifter lover Aidan are about to have their first holiday season together. They’d rather ignore the rest of the world this Christmas, but trouble is headed their way.

Murderous dragons are on the loose, and there’s also the shifter mating festival Bailey and Aidan are obligated to attend. And on top of that? Her long-lost father is coming for a visit. She doesn’t know much about him, but she does know he’s a slayer who strikes fear in the hearts of dragons everywhere. There’s no way he’s going to approve of his daughter shacking up with one of the beasts—even one that is half human.

The presents may be under the tree, but yuletide cheer isn’t on the calendar for Bailey and Aidan.

Word count: 52,000







*For Kobo readers, they have shut down their operations until the end of December so I am not able to get the book on there until then.  For iTunes readers, they have also shut down for the holidays, but they won’t be back up and running until January 7th.  As soon as I am able, I will upload Christmas with Dragons to these retailers and update this post with links.  Thank you for your patience.

Interview with Yasmine Galenorn

Today is the last day for the author interview series I’ve been doing since July, and I have author Yasmine Galenorn here with us to help end it with a bang!  For those who aren’t familiar with her, she writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, paranormal mystery, and nonfiction.  Her series include:  Whisper Hollow, Fury Unbound, The Otherworld, The Fly by Night, The Indigo Court, Chintz ‘n China, Bath and Body, and the Shamanic Witchcraft Series (nonfiction).

The novel I will be highlighting in this post is Fury’s Magic (book 2 of the Fury Unbound Series), which just released about a week ago. You can find out more details about it at the end of the post.

Now, on to the interview…

What is your beverage of choice when you first wake up?  What happens if you can’t get it?

Iced quad-shot sugar-free chocolate-peppermint coconut milk latte. Made on my beloved espresso machine named Fred. You do NOT want to see me without caffeine. It’s not a pretty sight. I’m not pleasant. And I get a mega headache.

Do you have pets? If so, what kind and do they help you write your books?

Four furbabies. We are a four-cat household. We have little loves who never, ever do anything wrong—(koffs)

Okay, even I can’t get that out with a straight face. We are owned by four goobers. Calypso (Caly-Q for short), a tortoiseshell who has decided she is Mom’s protector against all who enter the house wearing shoes (she doesn’t like shoes). Caly took over as dominant kitty when our old beloved Meerclar died at 21 years old. Then we have Brighid (the cat, not the Goddess), who is the Manipulator. She’s a red girl who’s sweet, smart, and our prima-dona.

Morgana (Morgan for short, or the Morganator/the Schmorganbord) is our 16½ lb. part Bengal who…she’s special. Morgan lives in Morgan’s world and it’s a happy little world and she’s the gentle giant of it. Then there’s Apple. Apple is not named after a goddess, you’ll notice. Apple is a boy. He’s a goofy happy tiny l’il boy black cat who loves sucking on his blanket, chasing Brighid, and generally making us smile. Before that, we were owned by four other goobers who lived very long and happy lives and whom we miss very much.

062 040 005

If someone was willing to pay you a million dollars cash to run down the street naked, would you do it?

Yeah. Wouldn’t be MY eyes I’d be scarring! Nekkid is a state of mind. You can go meandering around in a burlap sack and make people think you’re the classiest thing on earth if you have the right attitude.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Quit my job, gave away most of my possessions, and moved into a converted school bus where I slept with a hatchet by my head, out on the back end of five acres. I needed a change after I left my ex. Then, months later, I moved in with a friend, and a week later was living with his roommate Sam. Two months after that Samwise proposed and 23 years later, we’re still married. 🙂

Name a few of the TV shows you like to watch.

I’m a TV/movie/music junkie. LOVE media of all sorts. I watch a lot of Food Network—the more severe my food allergies get, the more vicarious it becomes. Favorites over the years: Buffy, Medium, Bones, Criminal Minds, Night Stalker, the first two seasons of Supernatural, Lost Girl, Witches of East End, Gilmore Girls, New Girl…and many more.

What would be your weapon of choice if society crumbled and it was each man/woman for themself?

One of my many daggers. (I collect blades). You can’t run out of bullets that way, a dagger can be used for many tasks, and it’s easier to both hide and use than a sword. I’ve thought this over a lot. Trust me. I haz much imagination.

If you could witness any event in history, what would it be?

I think I would want to go back and see how they built Stonehenge, and the pyramids. Remove the uncertainty for sure.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Sitting beside the ocean, on a driftwood log, on a day that’s around 65 degrees with a very light wind, listening to the waves.


Thanks so much for being here with us today, Yasmine. Love all your adorable cat pics, and I’m with you on which events in history I’d want to witness.  I’d love to see how they managed to get the pyramids erected.


New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, fantasy and science fiction. In the past, she has written paranormal mysteries, and nonfiction metaphysical books. She is the 2011 Career Achievement Award Winner in Urban Fantasy, given by RT Magazine. She lives in Kirkland WA with her husband Samwise and their cats.  Yasmine can be reached via her website at


Yasmine has been generous enough to offer an ebook copy of Fury Rising to one lucky winner.  Be sure to leave a comment by Tuesday, November 22nd for a chance to get the prize.  A winner will be chosen and notified shortly after that by email.

magic_promoBOOK SUMMARY:

“My name is Kaeleen Donovan. I’m a Theosian-a minor goddess. They call me Fury.”

By day, I run the Crossroads Cleaning Company, and I also read fortunes and cast hexes at Dream Wardens, a magical consulting shop. But by night, I’m oath-bound to Hecate, Goddess of the Crossroads. Hecate charged me from birth with the task of hunting down Abominations who come in off the World Tree and sending them back to Pandoriam.

On a routine cleaning job in Portside—a boat full of ghosts need their joyride cut short—Tam and I run afoul of the Devani. The ruthless soldiers of Elysium capture him and send him out to the Tremble, a place of wild, chaotic madness. Jason and I devise a plan to sneak in and help Tam escape. But Lyon and the Order of the Black Mist reappear, and I’m on their hit list. Lyon opens a door to the realm of Tartarus and the walking dead are pouring into the city. Now, we must wade through both the Devani the dead to save Tam. And we must close the portal on the World Tree before Lyon manages to wake the Elder Gods of Chaos.

Purchase links:


Interview with Elizabeth Hunter

I want to welcome author Elizabeth Hunter here today to tell us a few things about herself.  She is a paranormal romance and mystery writer who has published twenty-three books so far, including her novellas.  Elizabeth’s series include: Elemental Mysteries/World/Legacy series, the Irin Chronicles, and the Cambio Springs Mysteries.

The novel I will be highlighting in this post is A Stone-Kissed SeaIt is the fourth book in her Elemental World series, which are paranormal romances. You can find out more details about it at the end of the post.

Now, on to the interview…

What is the longest you’ve ever stayed awake? Why?

I don’t actually know, but I’ve stayed up for pretty long stretches at times, particularly when traveling internationally. So I’ll say it’s in the 30-36 hour range. I don’t aim for that, though. I’m a big fan of naps. There is no honor in being sleep-deprived.

What is your current country of residence? Have you visited other countries?

I live in the United States, but I love to travel and do it often. I have been in Ethiopia twice this year, England and Scotland, as well. I love traveling in the Mediterranean and enjoyed my first trip to China a couple years ago. I’ve been through most of Europe, but I’m actually more excited about exploring Asia and Africa in the near future.

What is your beverage of choice when you first wake up?  What happens if you can’t get it?

Coffee. Lots of it. I don’t get violent if I don’t get coffee, but I will be very cranky. And very foggy in the head. And whiny. If I can get coffee actually delivered to me in bed, that’s ideal.

If someone was willing to pay you a million dollars cash to run down the street naked, would you do it?

I’m going to say yes. And if you choose to look… well, that’s your own fault and I’m not responsible for any trauma incurred. I’m a very pale person who had a gigantic baby. So my stomach basically looks like a road map.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I started three totally different and ongoing fantasy series. That wasn’t just crazy, that was stupid. Don’t ever do that. (New writers, seriously. Don’t do this.) Because if you’re not crazy before that, keeping track of three different worlds will MAKE you crazy.

What would be your weapon of choice if society crumbled and it was each man/woman for themself?

If possible, I would hide behind my significant other because he knows how to use a machete AND a bow and arrow. If I had no choice but to defend myself? I’m also going to go with machete because it takes very little skill to hack at things, and machetes also have non-violent uses. I’m now wondering why I don’t own a machete. Note to self: Research legality of obtaining a machete.

What is your favorite meal (including side dishes)?

I love food, so this is kind of like asking me to pick a favorite child or a favorite book. Nearly impossible. In general, I love Mediterranean food and will almost always go with that for both eating and cooking. HOWEVER, I’m from California, so Mexican food is my jam. I mean, when I’m overseas for long time and come home, the very first thing I want is tacos and salsa. So I love Mediterranean food, but Mexican food is home.

What is the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

Yak, maybe? I don’t know. I probably have a twisted definition of weird.

Name a mystical creature you wish you could have as a pet.



Thanks so much for being here with us today, Elizabeth!  Love your choice of weapons, the machete, especially if it was a zombie apocalypse.  Also great to have another coffee drinker stop by 🙂


ELIZABETH HUNTER is a contemporary fantasy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance writer. She is a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College and a former English teacher. She once substitute taught a kindergarten class, but decided that middle school was far less frightening. Thankfully, people now pay her to write books and eighth-graders everywhere rejoice.

She currently lives in Central California with her son, two dogs, many plants, and a sadly dwindling fish tank. She is the author of the Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World series, the Cambio Springs series, the Irin Chronicles, and other works of fiction.

You can visit her at:


a-stone-kissed-sea-coverBOOK SUMMARY:

An immortal wanderer. A brilliant scientist. A centuries-old menace written in blood.

Lucien Thrax, son of the earth and child of the ancients, is a healer of immense power. But years of work on a deadly vampire virus have not led to a cure, nor have they softened the wall he built around his heart. When he’s forced to work with Doctor Makeda Abel, Lucien is convinced he’s reached his limit of patience with humanity.

Makeda Abel may be human, but she’s far from impressed with the brooding vampire healer, even if his mind draws her reluctant admiration. She’s learned how to survive in the immortal world, and it’s not by being afraid. Working together may lead them to answers, but it also pushes Lucien and Makeda’s attraction to the boiling point.

When nightmares become reality, Makeda will have to trust Lucien with her life. Finding answers has never been more vital. Finding love has never been more deadly. To heal the Elemental World, Lucien and Makeda must follow ancient paths and ask for help from the most inhuman of immortals. Because even with a cure in hand, the battle has only begun.

A Stone-Kissed Sea is the fourth novel in the Elemental World series.

Purchase links:

Amazon    iTunes    Nook    Kobo   Smashwords

Interview with Helen Harper

Today, I’ve got author Helen Harper here visiting us to answer a few questions about herself.  She’s an urban fantasy author with five different series (Blood Destiny, Bo Blackman, Highland Magic, Dreamweaver, and Olympiana), for a total of twenty-four books published so far.  The novel I will be highlighting in this post is Gifted Thief of the Highland Magic series. You can find out more details about it at the end of the post.  There is also a giveaway opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Now, on to the interview…

What is the longest you’ve ever stayed awake? Why?

I had the journey to hell once from Scotland to Japan. I was a poor student, traveling there for a semester of study – and I was very green. I took the overnight bus to Heathrow (twelve hours, no sleep), discovered my flight was cancelled when I arrived at the airport but managed to get a seat on an alternative flight to Tokyo (another twelve hours, no sleep), had to wait at Narita airport for a connection (ten hours, no sleep), arrived in Osaka without realising there was a domestic airport AND an international one – and I was being picked up by the university at the International one. I eventually broke down over my suitcase in floods of tears at the main Osaka train station because I didn’t know where I was going or where I was. I think I probably tagged in at around 60 hours by the time I worked everything out and found a bed. It was horrific.

What is your current country of residence? Have you visited other countries?

I’m from Scotland originally and I currently live in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia – but not for much longer! I’m returning to the UK on November 15th and it’d be fair to say I’m terrified. I’ve lived abroad now continuously for almost twelve years and they always say it’s harder going home than it is going away. I’m fully expecting large amounts of reverse culture shock!

I’ve always had itchy feet – I took a gap year and taught English in Thailand when I was 18 and then moved to Tokyo when I was 28. I lived there for four years before switching to Malaysia. It’s a great hub for travel around South East Asia. If more people travelled, then I truly believe that the world would be a better place because we’d understand each other so much more.

Do you have pets? If so, what kind and do they help you write your books?

I have three cats and one dog. For a long time, my house has been a never-ending carousel of various animals and I am a self-confessed cat lady! I’ve had Scout the longest. She’s hopelessly neurotic but she came from a local shelter as an adult cat. She has visible scars around her legs so her life was obviously once not very nice at all. Then there’s Mavis, Scout’s nemesis. She was an abandoned stray at the school I used to work at. She was hit by a car so I took her in while she recovered from a broken hip and she’s never left.

Lara Croft (who’s named that for a reason!) was a stray on my street who kept coming by and refusing to leave. And finally Marlowe the dog who I adopted from a local rescue group. He’s 18 months old and completely dippy. They’re good company when I’m writing – apart from when the cats decide to park their furry arses on the laptop, of course – and Marlowe gives me reason to get dressed and venture outside during the day, otherwise I might never manage it! I think they’re going to find the cold of the UK a considerable shock to their tropical systems…

pet-pic(Marlowe and Lara Croft)

What genres of books do you like to read?

Everything. Although fantasy has always been my go-to genre, I’ll happily curl up and read just about any book. Reading is just such escapism. With TV or films, my mind often wanders or I’ll get up and have whatever’s on as just background noise. But with a book, my absorption is total. All my strongest memories as a kid revolve around books (I can still my remember my pure, unadulterated joy when I was handed an Enid Blyton book – my first without pictures!). The last book I read was a spy thriller and the one I’ve just started is a family drama. I’m very proud that for the first time in three years, I’ve gotten my TBR list down to under a hundred. I doubt it’ll last though!

Name a few of the TV shows you like to watch.

My top show of all time is The West Wing. I could (and do) watch it over and over again but I have to admit that Buffy The Vampire Slayer comes a close second. I’m also a total sucker for reality shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race (but don’t tell anyone – I like to pretend I’m cerebral!). If there’s one show that I’ve not heard much buzz about and that I’d like to recommend as I think it should be on everyone’s list, it’s Sense8. Partly because of the sumptuous locations and cinematography but also because the storyline is just wonderful.

What would be your weapon of choice if society crumbled and it was each man/woman for themself?

That one’s easy – the pen. A sword might have more immediate impact but the pen is what will allow any society, no matter how devastated, to survive beyond the initial apocalypse. It can help people to avoid past mistakes, learn from history, acquire knowledge for survival … and if all else fails I can stab someone’s eyeball with it.


Thanks so much for visiting with us today, Helen. I loved hearing about all your pets and world travels.  You’ve led an amazing life!



After teaching English literature in the UK, Japan and Malaysia, Helen Harper left behind the world of education following the worldwide success of her Blood Destiny series of books. She is a professional member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and writes full time although she still fits in creative writing workshops with schools along with volunteering to teach reading to a group of young Myanmar refugees. That’s not to mention the procession of stray cats which seem to find their way to her door!

Helen has always been a book lover, devouring science fiction and fantasy tales when she was a child growing up in Scotland. She currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with far too many cats – not to mention the dragons, fairies, demons, wizards and vampires that seem to keep appearing from nowhere.

You can visit her at her website here:

Or stop by her Facebook page here:


Helen has been generous enough to offer five ebook copies of Gifted Thief to individuals selected at random from the comments.  Be sure to leave a comment below no later than Wednesday, November 9th for your chance to get a copy.  Winners will be contacted soon after that.

giftedthief-coverBOOK SUMMARY:

Orphan. Runaway. Thief.

Since the moment I was ripped from my mother’s womb, I’ve been an outcast amongst my own kind. The Sidhe might possess magical Gifts, unbelievable wealth and unfathomable power but I don’t want a thing to do with them. I ran away from their lands in the Highlands of Scotland when I was eleven years old and I’ve never looked back. I don’t need a Clan. I’ve got my own family of highly skilled thieves who mean more to me than any Sidhe ever could.

Unfortunately for me, the playboy heir to the Moncrieffe Clan has something I desperately need. To get it back, I’m going to have to plunge myself back into that world, no matter what the consequences may be. I suppose it’s just as well I have sense of humour. I think I’m going to need it.

It’s available on Kindle Unlimited here.


Forged by Flames is now available!

I know you’ve been waiting patiently for the third installment of the Dragon’s Breath Series, and I’m happy to announce that Forged by Flames is finally here!  It won’t be going into Kindle Unlimited, but you can find it on all the major retailers (see links at the bottom of the post).  You might also consider joining my Facebook fan group where readers following my novels can hold discussions about them, have opportunities to win book related prizes, and there will be a Q&A session with me coming up soon.  You don’t want to miss out!

Here’s the link to it:

All the other details you need to know about the new release are below.  Hope you enjoy the book!


Ever since dragons invaded Earth, Bailey Monzac and other survivors have had to adjust to a new world order. But a long-lost threat is re-emerging that could once again destroy everything they’ve been struggling to rebuild—for both man and beast. There’s an artifact out there that can control dragons, and many would seek to possess it for ill intent.

It’s going to be up to Bailey, her dragon shape-shifter ally Aidan, and their friends to embark on a long and arduous quest to recover the relic before it falls into the wrong hands.  Along the way, relationships will strengthen and the bonds of friendship will be tested.  For there can only be one outcome if they wish to survive this journey.