Interview with Devon Monk

We’ve got author Devon Monk here with us today to answer a few questions about herself.  For those who don’t know, she is an urban fantasy, science fiction, humor, and horror author who has published twenty novels and a short story collection so far.  Some of you may recognize her from her Allie Beckstrom series, but today we are going to highlight the newest novel from her Ordinary Magic series–Devil’s and Details.

You can find out more information about it at the end of this post, as well as a giveaway Devon is doing.  Now, on to the interview!


What is your beverage of choice when you first wake up?  What happens if you can’t get it?

Coffee! Plain ol’ drip brewed coffee. Of course, that’s pretty much my beverage of choice 24/7. And if I don’t get it, well, it’s not a pretty thing.


Do you have pets?  If so, what kind and do they help you write your books?

We recently adopted a Chow-chow/Husky mix from our local shelter. She’s the strangest dog I’ve ever owned. She’s nocturnal, isn’t afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks, and almost never barks, growls, or whines. It’s possible her previous owner was a vampire. I’m not sure if she’s helped me with my writing, but she did help me break my thumb while I was writing DEVILS AND DETAILS, book #2 of the Ordinary Magic series this year. Good times, dog.

vampire-dog-in-the-sand vampire-dog

If someone was willing to pay you a million dollars cash to run down the street naked, would you do it?

Yes. I’m a pretty shy person, but a million dollars would bring out my inner extrovert.

Name a few of the TV shows you like to watch.

Supernatural, Flash, Sherlock (BBC), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Drunk History, Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Jessica Jones (haven’t tried Luke Cage yet, but am excited about it), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Modern Family, Project Runway, and Shark Tank.

What would be your weapon of choice if society crumbled and it was each man/woman for themself?

A coffee pot. No, wait. A solar-powered coffee pot. Because coffee.

If money were no object, what kind of car would you get?

A 1967 black four-door Chevy Impala. Baby! (Shout out to my SPN peeps!)


Thanks so much for being here with us today, Devon.  You and I share a few favorite TV shows, including Supernatural!  Also, love your dog.  She is adorable 🙂



Devon Monk is a national bestselling author of urban fantasy. Her series include Ordinary Magic, House Immortal, Allie Beckstrom, Broken Magic, Shame and Terric, and the Age of Steam steampunk series. She also writes the occasional short story which can be found in various anthologies and in her collection: A Cup of Normal.

She lives happily beneath the rainy skies of Oregon. When not writing, she can be found drinking too much coffee and knitting silly things.

You can visit her at her website here:

Or her Amazon author page here:


Devon Monk is giving away an ebook copy of either Death and Relaxation (Ordinary Magic book #1) or Devils and Details (Ordinary Magic book #2).  Winner’s Choice!  Be sure to leave a comment below for your chance to win.  You have until Tuesday, October 11th, before the giveaway ends.  One lucky winner will be selected and notified shortly after that.

devilsanddetailsBOOK SUMMARY:

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea…

Police Chief Delaney Reed is good at keeping secrets for the beach town of Ordinary Oregon–just ask the vacationing gods or supernatural creatures who live there.

But with the first annual Cake and Skate fundraiser coming up, the only secret Delaney really wants to know is how to stop the unseasonable rain storms. When all the god powers are stolen, a vampire is murdered, and her childhood crush turns out to be keeping deadly secrets of his own, rainy days are the least of her worries.

Hunting a murderer, outsmarting a know-it-all god, and uncovering an ancient vampire’s terrifying past isn’t how she planned to spend her summer. But then again, neither is falling back in love with the one man she should never trust.

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