Dragon’s Breath Series News

I’ve got a few updates for you all on the Dragon’s Breath series.  A lot of people are wanting a date they can mark on their calendars for when future books will come out.  Also, I’m still getting asked about audio for Dancing with Flames.  Plus, I’ve got news about upcoming holiday novellas.

Forged by Flames release date and cover info

My goal is to have the novel out on October 27th.  It’s looking like it will be at least as long as Dancing with Flames, maybe longer.

I don’t have a cover for it yet because I’ve had to switch photographers and models (long story).  This means getting all new shots done for the rest of the series (which is going to be at least 5-6 more books).  On a bright note, I’ll be using a team in the Oklahoma City area so I can actually be at the photo shoot, whereas before everything took place in Boston, MA.  Other than one especially long trip, I couldn’t make it up there.  I have the photo shoot scheduled for the middle of this month, and I’m in the midst of getting wardrobe and props organized for it.  As my team of helpers can testify (thank God for their help), there is a lot that goes into these because you have to plan the poses, mood of the shots, and which garments/props the model will be using.

It will take at least a week or so after the photo shoot for the photographer to get me the final images.  I’ll pick the ones I like and get those to the cover designer to start work.  For the dragon series, all the artwork is done from scratch so it can take another week or two for the artist to finish the design.  Then I’ll have to have typography added.  So the cover reveal will be much closer to the release date than what I normally do but please hang in there.  I think this next cover is going to turn out awesome based on what we have planned.

Dancing with Flames audio

The audiobook is set to release on October 18th.  Marguerite Gavin (the narrator) has had a rather full schedule, but she tweeted recently that she’d started recording the book.  Those of you who are waiting for the audio don’t have too much longer to go!

Holiday novellas

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I would be re-releasing the Kerbasi holiday story that was originally part of an anthology.  That will be coming out on November 28th.  I will probably put up a pre-order for that one once I have the cover designed.

The Dragon’s Breath series will also be getting its first holiday novella.  Book 3 (Forged by Flames) takes place from late November into early December.  The Christmas novella I’m going to write will start about a couple of weeks after that on the series timeline.  It will focus on what it’s like to celebrate the holidays in a post-apocalyptic world, and it will be a bit lighter than the main series novels.  My plan is to make it somewhere between 30-40k words so it will be longer than any of the other holiday stories I’ve written so far. I’m hoping it will be meaty enough to have a paperback version as well for those who’d want it.

My design helper team and I have some fun plans for the cover.  It’s definitely going to have a Christmas with dragons sort of theme.  The expected release date for it is December 15th.


That’s it for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

A mixed bag of news

I promised myself I would start giving you all more updates between book releases, whether it is about writing, publishing, or other topics you might want to hear.  Lately, I’ve been really bad about doing that, but I know some of you like to hear my updates  (thanks to those readers who told me as much!).  Below, I’ve got news on how the Dancing with Flames release has gone, upcoming plans relating to the next Dragon’s Breath novel, a current ebook discount, author interview news, and a reading recommendation.

Dancing with Flames update

First, I’ll cover how the Dancing with Flames release has gone.  The second book in the Dragon’s Breath series has received some great reviews and all the feedback has been very positive.  It’s my favorite book I’ve written so far, and I’m grateful that those who have read it have really liked it.  The one downside I’ve found with this release is that the eleven-month gap between the first and second novel really hurt sales and borrows.

The first novel, Stalked by Flames, has a total of about 9 thousand ebook sales and nearly 5 million pages read through Kindle Unlimited borrows (Amazon considers it a 502 page novel for KU purposes so you can do the math on how many people picked it up and read it).  Those are great stats for a book that didn’t get a sequel until recently.

Unfortunately, due to personal troubles last fall and winter, I had a major gap in publishing anything new.  This caused me to lose a great deal of visibility on Amazon and it’s been very hard to regain it.  With all the independent authors who are able to release books every 2-3 months (sometimes less than that), the publishing market has gotten very competitive and waiting too long to publish will hurt an author these days.  I’m truly grateful for the many loyal readers who have eagerly picked up the next novel because I know there are a lot of choices out there, especially in urban fantasy.  Your support and enthusiasm for my writing means a lot to me.

It has now been one month since I released Dancing with Flames and the initial stats are not nearly as high as they were for the first novel.  Current sales stand just shy of 2 thousand and page reads are at about 1.2 million.  The majority of the feedback on the first novel was positive, so I don’t think it was necessarily the quality of book as much as too much time between releases.  I’m hearing more and more people say they like to binge read through series and it’s tough to wait long between novels.  I totally get that.  If I could have released book 2 faster, I would have, but under the personal circumstances I was facing it just wasn’t possible. My hope is that things will improve as more readers discover I’ve moved forward with the series.

I have gotten into a solid writing rhythm that allows me to work faster than I did before.  Nothing that sacrifices quality, but I did work out a system that is more organized.  Hence, how Dancing with Flames got released three months after Darkness Wanes.  If anyone is curious about what I did differently this time around, let me know.  I’d definitely consider writing a post about it.  I was actually surprised at how much more efficient the new system made my writing, and I was able to do a more complex plot than usual because of the method I used.  It’s really too bad I didn’t figure out this strategy sooner because I absolutely love it.

For book three of the Dragon’s Breath series (Forged by Flames), I need a month more than the last novel, but that is because I have more on the ground research to do.  I’m actually going to be going out of town on Monday and doing a bit of traveling for a few days (and I just got back from a separate trip on Friday).  It’s not hard to check on things when the story mostly stays within the confines of Norman, OK because I live in the same area as the characters, but for this next installment I need specific details to incorporate into the book and have to see a few places up close.  I won’t spoil things more than that, though.  Those of you who have read Dancing with Flames are already aware there’s a journey ahead for some of the main characters.

Stalked by Flames discount sale

In other news, Amazon has reduced the price of Stalked by Flames to $0.99 in Australia (I’m not sure if that includes any taxes).  It is part of a winter promotion they’re doing in that part of the world and it will continue until August 22nd.  If you live down there and haven’t purchased your copy of the first Dragon’s Breath novel, this is your chance to get it at a low price.  It is also still discounted in Europe for those over there through to the end of August as part of a summer promotion sale.  I wish I could tell U.S. readers there was a discount on Stalked by Flames here too, but so far Amazon has not informed me of one.  If that changes, I’ll be sure to announce it.

Author Interviews

As some of you may have noticed, I have been posting interviews each Friday with Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance authors.  So far, I’ve done three that you can check out if you haven’t done so already.  They include:

Christine Pope
Colleen Gleason
Dannika Dark

You can click on their names above to go to their individual interviews.  They aren’t the standard ones where I ask the same old questions like how they got started writing or where they get their ideas.  These are a little more personal and include subjects such as their pets, favorite TV shows, whether they’d run down the street naked for a million dollars, etc.  I wanted them to be a little more fun and hope you enjoy them.  The next author to be interviewed this coming Friday is Hailey Edwards.  I can’t wait to share her answers to my questions with you!

These interviews will continue until November just before Thanksgiving.  I’ve filled nearly all the slots between now and then with some really awesome authors, many of which you will recognize, so stay tuned.

Book Recommendation

I managed to knock out a few novels from my TBR list after releasing Dancing with Flames.  There are about a hundred more to go because the list never actually gets shorter, but I have no idea when I’ll get to more of them.  I do very little reading once I buckle down on writing because I don’t want to risk another author’s voice affecting mine.  Most of the books I read recently were good, but there was one I wanted to make special note of for anyone who enjoys sci-fi/alien romance.  It is “On a Rogue Planet” by Anna Hackett.

On a Rogue Planet by Anna Hackett

I do not know this author, and I’ve never heard of her before picking this book up.  I actually discovered the novel while digging through Goodreads lists because I was itching for something like it, and I’m really glad I gave it a chance.  It’s so hard to find a good sci-fi romance that has a solid story, creative world-building, and some sexy scenes without going overboard on the naughty bits.  “On a Rogue Planet” had just the right balance.

This is actually the third novel in the author’s series, but I skipped the others because this was the one that grabbed my attention.  I had no trouble following along and believe it can be read as a standalone.  Having said that, I’ll definitely be reading more books by Anna Hackett in the future.  If you’re into that genre, you might give her work a try.  I confirmed this novel is on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes.  Since reader opinions are subjective, be sure to download a sample and/or check reviews before purchasing so you know if the book is right for you.  I can only tell you I enjoyed it a lot.


That’s all I’ve got for you all now, but if you’ve got any questions/comments, feel free to ask them below.