Facing the Darkness is now available!

I am excited to let you know Facing the Darkness is now available on all retailers.  For those who don’t know, this installment features Kerbasi from the Sensor Series.  He’s one of those characters you love to hate, but you might find him a bit more endearing in this Christmas story.  Also for those of you looking forward to the first Cori and Bartol spinoff book coming in March 2017, this novella reveals a bit of Cori’s backstory that you will not want to miss.

I truly hope you enjoy Facing the Darkness!  Below are the rest of the book details, plus retailer links.



Kerbasi, a former guardian of Purgatory, has resisted every effort to help him find his humanity. After more than four-thousand years of ruling over supernatural prisoners in the cruelest of ways, he feels he’s above the petty concerns of mankind. But what is he to do when he’s tasked with bringing comfort to a boy sick with cancer during the holiday season? This is one child who just might break through the impervious wall he’s wrapped around his heart.

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Kerbasi holiday story

I get regular emails regarding the Kerbasi holiday story (Facing the Darkness) that I wrote for the “A Very Paranormal Holiday Anthology” back in late 2014.  This was for a collection of Christmas stories myself and five other authors wrote, all tied to our individual book series.  Earlier this year, we pulled the anthology from the retailers so Facing the Darkness has not been available since then.  I realize that new readers coming into the Sensor Series have not had a way to get it and I do apologize for that.

It had been my intention to re-release Kerbasi’s story (the only one so far told from his point of view), soon after we pulled the anthology. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I got behind on my schedule.  Before releasing Facing the Darkness on its own as a novella, I want to go back over it again to fine-tune a few things and have an editor look at it again because inevitably revisions create new typos.  I also need to get a cover designed for it.

I’m immersed in writing Forged by Flames (Dragon’s Breath #3) right now, but once it’s done I will jump over to the Kerbasi novella and work on it.  My plan is to release it at the end of November after Thanksgiving.  My apologies to everyone who is wanting this story and hasn’t had the opportunity to read it yet.  I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.  If you have any questions about it, do feel free to ask!

Happy Holidays!

For those who celebrate, I hope you have a Merry Christmas!  Please take care if you’re traveling.  I also want to remind everyone that the Sensor series holiday short story I mentioned in my last post is up over at Nocturnal Book Reviews.  This is an all-new story you haven’t read before featuring Kerbasi, Kariann and a new character .  Check it out and leave a comment on the post for your chance to win a blue Kindle Fire HD 8, tote bag, and other goodies.  You’ve got until December 30th to enter.

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